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This week we added zines about community care, avalanches in Chile, the security state, mother-son travel in Italy, hiking, women's self-defense, Barnard Life/NSOP 2018, the horrors of monogamy, studying abroad while low-income and accessing textbooks while low-income and photographs of Chilean women and flowers.

This week we added zines about feminist pedagogy, femmes in STEM, heavy metal in Ecuador, Nigerian email scams, people who love yonis, family and the disabled transgirl, stares and the disabled trans girl, teaching while distraught about Trump, and Ecuadoran girl problems.

This week we added zines about being transgender and disabled, the punk scene in Ecuador in the early 2000s, zine and other special collections at DePaul, MICA, Hennepin County, and other Minnesota libraries, gentrification in the Bronx, a disabled person's visit with their grandma, the significance of names to Barnard students, teaching with zines, Rocket from the Crypt fandom, and teaching with zines.

This week we added zines about blobs, choice feminism, communing with nature, attempts to cure artist's block, Sherlock slash fiction, waitressing life, Bronx community activism, Lower East Side community activism, the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire, and Puerto Rican activism in New York City.

This week we added zines about masturbation, Team Dresch fandom and growing up queer, growing up Salvadoran, secrets, sex work, aging, growing up Hindu, this year's NYC Feminist Zinefest, last year's QTPOC Sister Spit tour, traveling in Japan, living in San Francisco, and behing a tourist in Europe.

This week we added zines about Columbia Lit Hum, the zine collection at Lehman College, mental illness and recovery, queer kink, misogyny in the Trump administration, child rheumatoid arthritis, a break-up, zine pedagogy, and turn-of-the-21st-century teen feminism. 

This week we added zines about ableist microaggressions, femme culture, the dark side of technology, camping, Asian American heritage, meeting Ursula Le Guin, popular culture, Quechua, Quechua for kids, dating and being slovenly, making really good cappuccinos, living in polyamory, and eating in Brazil.

This week we added zines about capitalism, cell phone filmmaking, Columbia trying to privatize a public park, femme art, shrinking cis men to pocket size, letter-writing, self-defense (in Spanish), how an incarcerated woman feels about being rehabilitated, dating and breaking up, being a sick witch, Tejana queers, and a comic about hot dogs and the 2018 NYC Feminist Zinefest program. 

This week we added zines about a Brooklyn College student protest, MICA's Decker Library erotic and zine collections, body hair, fire cider, friendship, critical information literacy, mullein, fears, a strange illness, disconnecting from news in Trump America, cats, and breastfeeding.

This week we added zines about anarchafeminists, microaggressions against women, having a parent with Alzheimer's disease, activism for girls, critical fashion studies, making art from scraps, working as a library clerk, an early 20th century Chinese immigrant woman, personal demons, and queer southerners, along with love poems and instructions for screenprinting in the Design Center.

This week we added zines about seeing shows, mental health in librarianship, an LA life in daily comics, a college student in Virginia, a college student in Canada, endless rain in Puget Sound, and feminist high schoolers' art and flash fiction about twentysomething life. 

This week we added zines about books, weather balloons, zine workshops, phallic fruits and vegetables, the Memphis College of Art zine collection, data privacy, parenting a kindergartener, feminist pop culture, self-care, in-between times, sexting, and 1996 punk culture.