Introducing “Barbie Zines in the Barnard Zine Library and Why,” a new zine that highlights content from zines in the collection published between 1994 and 2023 that discuss Barbie dolls. Covering the lawsuits around copyright infringement between Mattel and a zine maker to critiques of the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by Barbie, and all the sex the dolls have, this zine surfaces different perspectives and conversations around this controversial blonde.

This zine was created to accompany screenings of the Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig BC '06. It contains excerpts and descriptions of zines by Gillian Beck, Jacinta Bunnell, Rebecca D. Dillon, Ayun Halliday, Sara Huffman, Barbara Kligman, and Natascha. We have attempted to contact each of the creators for permission. If you are one of these authors, and you want your content removed, email, and we'll comply.

The zine is available to borrow from the zine library, as well as from the Internet Archive.