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Zine Community

We Make Zines
Social networking site for zine readers and creators.

An open-source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media.

Zine World
A source for reviews and information about zines.

Other Zine Sites

the alt.zines newsgroup

Broken Pencil The Magazine of Zine Culture and Independent Arts

Factsheet Five is a comprehensive guide to zines, independent publishing and DIY culture. Factsheet 5 reviews an abundance of zines, books, blogs, web sites, music and other DIY projects. F5 also includes informative articles on zine culture, independent publishing, lively columns, interviews, and news of interest to the independent publishing community.

New Pages Zine Reviews

The Poopsheet
Poopsheet's primary focus is mini-comics and their history, from their underground / newave "birth" in the '70s to the current scene of today.

Xerography Debt

Zine Guide

Zine Thug

Zine World/Underground Press Reader's Guide to the Underground Press

Zine World's Zine Resources

Zinebook An Index of Zine Links

Zine Distros (hardly comprehensive)

Back Pocket Press

Brown Recluse POC zines

Cafe Royal (UK)

Corndog (UK)

ETSY home of all things handmade and DIY, they have a zine category as well.

Great Worm Express (Canada)

Loop Distribution

Parcell Press

Stranger Danger

Sweet Candy