As of February 19, 2024, a CLIO search for < zines AND (filipin* OR phillipines) > yields 116 results from the Barnard Zine Library.

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photo of six zines made by Filipine or Filipine-American creators

The zines pictured in the collage above are

  • Lakas by Gabriela New York
    Lakas, a reaction to "Mail Order Family" TV show, is a compilation zine by Gabriela New York that contains poetry, fiction and nonfiction essays, interviews, comics, collages, photography, and personal narratives that creates a space for Filipina women to showcase their work, build community, and mobilize the public to eliminate violence against women. Lakas, meaning strength in Filipino, is a zine that aims to highlight the struggle and resilience of Filipina women.
  • Bamboo Girl #3 by Sabrina Margarita Alcantara-Tan
    This compilation zine features articles, art, and interviews, by and about Asians, Asian-Americans, and Pacific Islanders. Editor Sandata addresses issues including, but not limited to, feminism, being queer, being a person of color, Asian history, and life in New York City. In every issue, Sabrina includes reviews, letters, Tagalog words, Filipino mythology, and stereotypes, and her rant and angst columns
  • BALIKalisBAYAN by Arianne Aquino
    Evergreen pre-med student Arianne writes about queer/butch sexuality, class, family, race relations, their Filipino and American identities, and becoming an American citizen in this perzine. Arianne also discusses the Balikbayan visa program in the Philippines. There are dated journal entries, as well as hand-drawn illustrations and photocopied text.

  • The Second Part #3 by Teri Vlassapoulos
    Teri's zine is a collection of her diary entries and fiction which are illustrated with personal photographs and found art.

  • Florence 1992 (Inakoshi) by E.Y.
    "Florence 1992 is a quick reflection on and reconstruction of a 30-year-old image." - author, via email

  • Framing Historical Theft #1 by Athena Tan
    In issue 1, of Athena's political perzine, she writes about her relationship to race and white people, having gone to an international school in the Philippines. She includes journal entries about being a Chinese-Filipina and a bad trip to Rome. In issue 2, she discusses questioning people power, poverty, diet and weight, and her Filipino identity, as she thinks about attending college in the US. Each issue includes a recommended reading list and zine reviews.