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Barnard Zine Library News

The Movement Lab and Zine Library will host a series of crossover Stillness Labs Wednesdays in November 11:45-12:45 in MLC 020.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, from September 15- October 15 the zine library will be highlighting zines written by Hispanic, Latine, and Spanish-speaking zinesters to center their voices in the world of zines and beyond. (Cover Image is from Venus by Granada Colectivo)


Zines ASSEMBLE is a two-day online event on Fri 9th and Sat 10th September 2022 exploring zines, zine making, zine research and zine cultures. Barnard Zine Library curator Jenna Freedman will give a lightning talk on the zine corpus she and other BZLers have been working on (notably former paid intern Miranda Johnson and zine assistant Ellie Yousif BC '22/Mailman '23).

The Barnard Zine Library and the Digital Humanities Center present The Collage Corner. Located on the 2nd floor of Milstein Center in the Zine Stacks, the Collage Corner provides and solicits resources for collages and other art projects. We provide art supplies, cut-and-pastables, and paper that anyone can use. We invite people to share materials, as well. Think about your fellow DIY artists when you're packing up your room at the end of the semester!

Hi! I'm Erinma. I'm from Maryland and I am an Urban Studies major with a concentration in Africana Studies.

    We have circulating zine kits! They contain:

    2 glue sticks
    2 magazines or catalogs
    8 extra fine markers in assorted colors
    Ambidextrous scissors
    Plastic bone folder
    Stencil set
    Zine kit zine

    This week we added zines about a Canadian quarantining in Mexico, a summer of a historically straight women pursuing and being pursued by women, queering classics, dealing with a broken wrist, fatphobia and self love, raw and vegan cooking, and vintage clip art collages.

    Since December 3, 2021 the Barnard Archive Reading Room has been decorated with T-shirts lining the walls and hanging alongside each other in racks. The T-shirts are curiously older than most of the students walking around on campus today and hung collectively here they tell a unique story of their owners, the collection they currently reside in, and feminist political activism as a whole.

    This week we're adding photography zines made by zine assistant Grace Li BC '24. The zines depict people, dogs, and scenes in Barcelona, Beijing, New Hampshire, and other locations.

    This week we added zines about working in domestic violence shelters, eating disorder and other body issues, women traveling solo in South America, sex, sluttiness, sex work, feminism in Poland, witchcraft and elders, and Barnard Zine Club members writing and art on the theme of "return."

    We added zines documenting one artist's life in zines and experiencing racist microaggressions in her day to day, along with a nine-year-old girl's guide to cat-having and thoughts about delayed onset homosexuality.