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A zine library staff member curated a display of zines critical of the Barnard and Columbia with the aim of creating a conversation around the privileges we have as members of an elite institution and our obligation to recognize how we can be complicit in systems of oppression locally and abroad.

We're celebrating twenty years of zines at Barnard with a small gathering of current and former staff, faculty who teach with zines, and friends of the zine library.

In this series, we’ll make syllabi in the form of zines for the classes of our dreams! We’ll reimagine how to construct a syllabus for self-directed continuing education. The four-part series will culminate at the end of the semester with Barnard’s Scholaztic Zine Fair, where we’ll have a chance to share zines with friends and other Barnard students!

Each month we draw attention to the depth and breadth of our zine collections by highlighting a topic represented in our holdings. The theme for January 2024 is…HAIR


In 2023 (as of December 4) we circulated 394 zines. Many of them were checked out by zine library staff for use in classes, or a loan to the Brooklyn Museum for their little exhibit Copy Machine Manifestos, but 131 were lent to Barnumbia affiliates for research or pleasure reading.