Given the fact that we're remote right now, I'm highlighting only zines from our zine library that are available for download or sale. Come back next year for titles like The Roethlisberger Castration Society, which are held in our library, but are not available digitally or for sale online.

Committee, Iraq Veterans Against the War Women’s. “Ain’t I a Veteran : The ’zine.” Ain’t I a Veteran : The ’zine, 2001.
CLIO | Read online

zine cover: Ain't I a Veteran

Crabb, Cindy. Support. Portland, OR: Microcosm Publishing, 2002.
CLIO | Download

zine cover: Support

Doyle, Lucy. Danger! Hole No. 4 : When “No” Means “Yes.” Lincoln Park, NJ: Lucy in the Sky, 2007.
CLIO | Download

zine cover: Danger! Hole! #4

Green, Amber. I Am Not the Rain : Navigating Life as Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: the authors, 2008.
CLIO | Download

zine cover: I Am Not the Rain

Mazzeo, Nicole. Choose Your Own Consensual Adventure : A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Sure That All the Sex You Initiate Is Consensual  Safe(r). Boston, MA: Pleasure Pie, 2014.
CLIO | For purchase as part of a sex positive zines gift set

photo of zine: Choose Your Own Consensual Adventure

Quarrel. Quarrel : Stories of Survivor Self Determination Direct Action, Strategies for Safer Spaces & Ripping Patriarchy to Shreds. Bay Area, CA: the affinity group, 2012.
CLIO | Download

zine cover: Quarrel

UBUNTU. Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault,. Durham, NC: the collectives, 2007.
CLIO | Download

zine cover: Beginner's Guide to Responsible Sexuality (For Men)

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