zine cover: title in peach colored star on black background surrounded by smaller stars

With finals fast approaching, the Zine Library wanted to offer some resources to combat stress and promote self-care during this busy time!  Check out self-care and stress-management zines from the library, as well as the zine library’s display highlighting some of our favorites in our collection! Be sure to grab some self-care zines from the free zine rack as well.  

As of April 17, 2023 a search on zines AND ("self care" OR “stress”  yielded 107 results (when you limit to Barnard as the location and zines as the genre). The first result in a relevance sort is My Self-Care Zine by Laura Silverman.

To give you an idea what else the zines are about, the top subject headings from the search results include

Blog post by Alekhya Maram BC '25