B&W Photo Zines:

once upon a photo booth

Once upon a photo booth.
by Coleen Murphy
Zines M87p
Mom and New Orleans resident Coleen writes about living in her community post Hurricane Katrina and the hopes that she holds for the future. The sometimes handwritten text is accompanied by photobooth and other photos.

ANOTHER no. 1: Summer 2021
by Grace Li
Zines L547a no.1 2022
In this mini zine, Grace Li uses black and white film photographs to document moments from the summer of 2021. Pairing photographs with captions, they share short reflections on their interactions with the people she met over the summer.

Nefarious doings in revisionist tourist attractions : a series of mother-daughter photo zines from Hong Kong : Day 4 : Cheung Chau
by Cheung Chau
Zines L38n day 4
This "mother-daughter photo zine" chronicles their travel through Hong Kong and countries. In issue four, Vikki (29) and Siu Loong (5) include photos of a dragon boat and of each other.

Words of Wisdom for a Teenage Girl
by Sabrina Das
Zines D3773w 2013
This partially handwritten zine consists of advice about achieving happiness, accompanied by quotations, illustrations, and magazine cut out collages.

The Deep South mouth
by Coleen Murphy
Zines M87d
This travel zine focuses on road trips, especially in the South (e.g. New Orleans for Mardi Gras). Contributors share their experiences on the road with their children, and offer advice on restaurants and attractions. Issues include day-by-day recaps of trips and pictures, as well as a guide to finding photo booths around the world.

Color Photo Zines:

Witness zine

Witness! A New Street Photography Zine no. 1
by Dusty Keeney
Zines K44649w no.1 2020
Dusty Keeney photographs the streets of London in this matte, color photo zine. Each spread's two photos speak to one another and what Dusty witnessed. -Mikako

ANOTHER no. 2: Barcelona
by Grace Li
Zines L547a no.2 2022
In this mini zine, Grace Li uses color 35mm film photographs to document their summer in Barcelona, Spain. With photographs ranging from landscape, architecture, and street photography, Grace shares insight into a few glimpses into their trip.

by Angi Brzycki
Zines B799e 2017
"The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution." - Paul Cézanne; librarian Angi Brzycki shares a photo collection of fruits and vegetables positioned to evoke phallic imagery. A list of Los Angeles photo shoot locations is included at the end. -Mikako

Gendered space
by Elyse-Blair McCreadie
Zines M3743g
Through photographs and auto-ethnographic observations, this mini-zine addresses how space usage can be gendered. McDreadie juxtaposes photographs of men and women on the subway, recounts her own experience at concerts and public spaces, and discovers that men tend to demand and occupy more space than women. We have copies 61 and 62 from a limited run of 200.

Japanese girl street hairstyle 1997
by Jenine Bressner
Zines B746j
This ribbon-bound art zine is comprised of photographs of Japanese girls and their unique hairdos. What little text there is is mostly in Japanese.


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