Covid-19 Zines

Corona Comics: a SHORT RUN Comics Collection, August 2020

minicomic with yellow cover depicting masked people on a bus

"All these comics and more (some in color).

The East Village Inky #62 by Ayun Halliday, August 2020

cover of The East Village Inky 62. Handwriting, photobooth photo strip of the author and her children.

The Gold Hare Gazette #6 & 7 by Bree Suzanne, February-April 2020

Let Meowt! #5 & 6 by Holly Wilson, May 2020

Quaranzine: A Quarantine Times Activity Zine by Sarah Mirk, March 2020

Shards of Glass in Your Eye #15 by Kari Tervo, 2020

zine cover: Shards of Glass in Your Eye #15. Text and graphics collage on bright green paper.

This Is Not Our First Pandemic by Sarah Mirk, June 2020

zine cover with ominous clouds (or treetops) below title

Web comic.

Xerography Debt #48 edited by Davida Breier, July 2020

zine cover: Xerography Debt #48. Zombie themed.