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Be Seen zine cover: collage with RBG in the middle, rubber stamped title?


Be Seen Project, vol. 1: Dissent edited by Mindy Tsonas, fall 2020

DIY Emergency Handwashing Station zine cover: Carhartt punk washing with paint bucket rig
photo of zine, held up with barn in the background. title in all caps, subtitle and author in lowercase


Four Weeks Deep: Quaranzine by Luisa B., 2020

photo of spread of zine covers, white presenting male presenting child in 1980s style shorst and tucked in shirt


Frequenzine #25: Teen Zine by Freq and Cee, July 2020

Gift of Bruce Barbarasch

Nancy's Magazine #8 by Nancy Kangas, 1988?

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Graywater (Domestic wastewater).