zine cover: title in black on white paper. topics listed in colored shapes. freely given, reversible, informed, specific, enthusiastic
photo of a zine cover: drawings of noodle soup ingredients--scallions, egg, mushrooms, ginger
photo of pale thumb holding zine, which depict members of the band Stone Cold collaged onto a dark background

Acquired from the Creator

Analog Self Publishing: Step-by-Step Instructions to Make Your Own Book Without a Computer by Julia Gfrörer, 2019

Building Consentful Tech by Una Lee and Dann Tolliver, 2017

Chasing the Night #6 by Erin Yanke, 2019

NO NO NO (This Is Not a Zine) #6 by KRC, 2019

Olde American Proverb by by Emily K. Larned, 2019

Suffer: Aka Some Shit Abt Stone Sour by Julia Eff, 2019?

That Girl #15: The Music Issue by Kelli Callis, 2014

That Girl #16 by Kelli Callis,

zine cover: That Girl #15. Collage of glamorous people (Nico?) and eyeglasses
zine cover with art from the Sonic Youth album Goo. drawing of 1950s looking man and woman in a car

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Alternative metal (Music)
Online etiquette