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zine cover: white type on black background. graphics of breaking chain and arms holding each other by the wrist
zine cover: graphic of Ace of Diamond and Ace of Spades cards with asexual icons in them


Aces in Fandom by Elora Powell, June 2020

Quarantine Fever Dream volume 1 by Elora Powell, 2020

Acquired from the Abolition Library Commons

Acquired from the Creator

zine cover: UFO collage


Homeworld #1 by Elora Powell, 2016?

photo of zines on a table. cover is an ace of diamonds with a wreath around it


A Catalog of Ace Crushes by Elora Powell,February 2020

New to Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Asexuality (Sexual orientation).

California State Prison at San Quentin.