Gift of the Creators

Nos Cuidamos / We Take Care of Us by Amy C., Amy L., Anisa, Ariana, Chalay, Ciera, Cynthia, DeBoRah, Lula, Manon, Sarina, and William, 2021

zine cover: sparkly pink background, title and authors' names in cursive, drawing of a bird and flowers
zine cover: peacock blue background: title on placard, raised fist
zine cover: black with small, white, centered title

Leadership in Action class, taught by Umbreen Bhatti and Malla Haridat for the Athena Center

Don't Call Me Sweetheart by Alison Swanitz, Anna Hughes, Claire Lane, Mary Yan, 2021

The Power of Activism by Dalya Sezercan & Jemimah Yuan, 2021


Applications in Climate and Society class, taught by Brian Kahn and Andrew Kruczkiewicz

Inspired by Many Dreams by Michael C. Ascari, James Kahn, Toni, Gagliardi, and Jordan Pares-Kane, 2021

photo of zines: pink cover with clip art wheel chair
zine cover: title in typewriter font. "Come Out" highlighted in yellow shape with teeth
photo of zine: black all caps title on drizzly background

Gift of Bitch Media

Damaged Mentality #2.5 by Synthia Nicole, 2010

How to Come Out to Your Grandma by Andrea Deeken, 2009

Mayzine #2 by Mayzie Hart, 2009

Sad Weekends #1 by Brittany N., 2014

Twice Told Tale by Jessixa Grilihas, 2003

You Don't Get There from Here #10 by Carrie McNinch, 2009

New to Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Brain damage

Bushwick (New York, N.Y.)