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photograph of ten zines

COVID-19 Zines

At Home by Ayla Del Rosario, 2020

COVID-19 by Ayla Del Rosario, 2020

From My Kitchen Window by Jhoanna Belfer, 2020

Morning Routines by Jhoanna Belfer, 2020

My Four Walls and Me by Jacquelyn Tang, 2020

Navigating Stress by Jhoanna Belfer, 2020

Perspective (a Minizine) by Tori Holder, 2020

Procrastination by Jhoanna Belfer, 2020

Quaranzine by Ayla Del Rosario, 2020

Small Mindfulness Practices by Molly Lloyd, 2020

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Mindfulness (Psychology).