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Acquired from the Creator

Better Late Than Never by Sarah McCarry, 2019

Disability & Sexuality: An Introductory Guide for Sex Educators & Able-Bodied Allies by Ashley Hartman Annis, 2017

photo of zine: Disability & Sexuality

Glossolalia #17 by Sarah McCarry, 2019

photo of Glossolalia 17

I Need a Sign: Daily Devotionals of Resistance by Lara Cahill-Booth, 2017

Let's Talk About Your Uterus: An Introduction to Fertility Awareness by Ashley Hartman Annis, 2018?

photo of Let's Talk About Your Uterus zine

St. Sucia: A Zine Exposing What It Is to Be a Mujer in Contemporary Society, Issue XIV: Soy by Isabel Ana Castro and Natasha I. Hernandez, 2019

St. Sucia XIV release party graphic

Supporting Your Microbiome: The Vag Edition by Miranda Welch, with illustrations by Ashley Hartman Annis, 2019

photo of Supporting Your Microbiome zine

Thank You for Your Order! or: The Mini Zine Where I Think About Capitalism, and Charging for my Creations and Services by Ashley Hartman Annis, 2019?

You Don't Get There From Here #48 by Carrie McNinch, 2017

photo of copies of You Don't Get There From Here #48

Gift of Dana Reinoos

Long Tall Sally by Elizabeth Barker, 2012

zine cover: Long Tall Sally

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