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photo of ten coronavirus zines

COVID-19 Zines

Face Masks: A YSB_Artist Zine [expanded edition] by YSB_Artist, 2020

Indoorsy #1 by Anna Dottle, 2020

Let Meowt #3 & 4 by Holly Wilson, 2020

My Drawings and Musings on COVID 19: A Perzine by Courtney Lee Weida, 2020

Quaran-zine 1/3: Growing Seeds by Polly Richards, 2020

Quaranzine by Cindy Nguyen, 2020

Quaranzine: solidarische Gratzlzeitung in Zeiten von Corona by Coview, 2020

Redneck Rich by Mikayla Petchell, 2020

Troubling Times in the City by Büşra Mutlu, 2020

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