photo of zine: telephone receiver and hearts on hot pink
zine cover: vintage clip art of white feminine person smoking
photo of zine (cover title appears to be Stand Up for AAPI): color; title in wreath of flowers

Covid-19 Zines

Be Seen Project vol. 3: Diaspora by Mindy Tsonas Choi, 2021

Caboose #13 by Liz Mason, 2021

Liz Mason at Your Service by Liz Mason, 2021

Most Unwanted Zine by Liz Mason, 2021


zine spread: drawings of River Phoenix
zine cover: fried eggs in outer space on royal blue cardstock

Gift of Arabelle Sicardi

Poetry Is Flammable #4 by Jude Bower, 2012

Gift of Bitch Media

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden vol. 1 by [M or A] Murphy, 2014

Mystery Meat by Phoebe Carse, 2013

Gift of Sheila Dignazio

The Wicked Which #6 by Izz, 2007

Barnard Class Zines

The Care Bear Foundation: Steps Taken for Mental Health by Three Teenage Girls Living in an Unpredictable World by Lauren Woodroffe, Valeria-Lay Bernal, and Angela Ndocaj, 2021 for a class taught by Umbreen Bhatti and Malla Haridat

Minnette de Silva: Tropical Arts and Crafts in Three Houses by Emma Lewis, 2021 for a class taught by Anooradha Siddiqi

zine cover: color canva design with a bear and plants
zine cover: photo of de Silva, orange people, brick wall

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Albanian Americans

Caribbean Americans

Dance parties

Phoenix, River

Teenagers, Black

Van Sant, Gus