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COVID-19 Zines

Body Image During a Pandemic Quaranzine by Christa Bailey, 2020


zine cover: Body Image During a Pandemic Quaranzine

Coronavirus: ¿Qué es? ¿Cómo me cuido? ¿Y donde busco informacíon? by Alexa Garín Fernández, 2020

Coronavirus: ¿Qué es? zine cover

Coronavirus: What Is It? How Can I Care? Where to Find Information? by Alexa Garín Fernández, 2020

Coronavirus: What Is It? zine cover

Distance: A Collaborative Project During a Global Pandemic by Zoe Lin, Anne Lim, Juliet Ann Lee, Cherrie Zheng, Jesse Cao, Katie Lin, and Sophie Lee, 2020

Dream a Future World by Sienna Templeman, Sofia Barboza, Audrey Ramming, and Maitrayee Basu, 2020

zine cover: Dream Passport zine


Forever in My Heart: Pet Loss and Pandemics by Jennifer Connolly, 2020

photo of person holding Forever in My Heart zine. Pink cover, photos of cats.

I've Worn All the Shirts in the Drawer: 64 Days of T-Shirts During COVID-19 by A.j. Michel, 2020

photo of a pile of zines on a pile of T-shirts

Mailbox! #1 & 2 by Jennifer Connolly, 2020

zine cover: Mailbox! #2 clip art mailbox

Nocturnal Living During COVID-19 by Niharika Rao, 2020

Witness! A New Street Photography Zine #1 by Dusty Keeney, 2020

zine cover: Witness #1

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