COVID-19 Zines

Acquired from the Creator

photo of folded zine standing on an unfolded zine. Black handwriting, type, and bird art on white vellu


The Future Is Hard to Read by Carolee, August 2020

photo of zine: title and subtitle sandwiching a drawing of Keanu Reeves


Sometimes Buddhist Keanu: A Coloring Book by Mimi Thi Nguyen, November 2020

Let Meowt #8 by Holly Wilson, November 2020

The Strange Times #8 by Grace Dobush, December 2020

Vague Tomorrow #4 by K, December 2020

zine cover: white handwriting on dark background, drawings of burger, hands, computer, person on the phone, and more


Zine About Work by the Birdwatching Collective, 2020


Zines from Barnard Pre-College Program, Young Women's Leadership Initiative 2020

zine cover: clip art pencils on white and green brackets background


Equity Within Education by Skye, Jun Wang, Hayden, Jingqi Feng, Ana Sofia Harrison, Morgan Sperry, Prairwa Madden, and Natalie Mitchell, July 2020

zine cover: young person in sari using a sewing machine thinking, "I'm only 12"


Fast Fashion by Sofia Giorgianni, Sabaa Ahmed, Mary Louisa Whitford, Elaine Kelly, Jordan Shiff, Alexandra Shamron, Jessica Tsang, Ava Said, and Abigail Goodman, July 2020

zine cover: title on yellow gradient background, valentine heart made of handshake


Tackling Empathy: Our Vision for a More Accepting Future by Julia Hoffman-Douglas, Mia Generoso, Eliane Huet, Seha Khan, Mitra Manshouri, Colette (Coco) Holcomb, Ava Grey, Xingyu (Stella) Xu, and Caroline Robert, July 2020

End of Monuments Class, Columbia Latin & Iberian Cultures

title on green geometric background


The End of Monuments / El Fin de los Monumentos by Jonathan Berger, Jason Bowen, Julieta Garcia, Elyse Mara, Elizabeth Ober, Alejandra Quintana Arocho, LJ Robertson, Omar Vera, and an anonymous/anonima contributor. Professor Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Child labor.

Chödrön, Pema.


Reeves, Keanu.

Textile industry.