Gift of A.j. Michel

Off-Line #34 & 39 by Claire Cocco and Vincent Romano, 2005-2006

Gift of Alex Zamora

Cats I Have Known by Satoripple, 2018

cover of Cats I Have Known zine

Coin to Coin, designed by Rafael MC, 2018

Gutless #4 by Esther Greenwood School for Girls, 2016?

Me and Bruce and My Dad #2 by Holly Casio, 2013

zine cover: Me and Bruce (and My Dad)


Gift of Alexandra Stoneham

Loud & Queer Comics vol. 2 by K. Funk, 2011?

comics about Michel Foucault ("Self is regulated by subjective laws of flavor and texture") and Judith Butler ("Dip is a cultural meaning that is ascribed to chips. Destabilize assumptions with performative snacking.")


Gift of Arabelle Sicardi

Bananafishsticks & Fries #1 by A. Fitz, 2010

"If Rodarte Collections Were Sonic Youth Albums (Part I of an On-Going Series)"

Gift of Lauren Kehoe

NYU Reads Community Zine by Lauren Kehoe, 2019


Little Zine of Sex Positive Affirmations by Pleasure Pie, 2018?

tiny yellow zine on a colorful cloth background


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Feminist theory--comic books, strips, etc.