COVID-19 Zines

Barnard Zine Club

Pre-College Program: Young Women's Leadership Initiative

zine cover: drawing of house on a small mountain peak, human figure haning off the cliff by one hand


Capitalism Kills. by Zoe Allen, Maya Brasil, Alyssa Cabrera, Lacey Rose DeLucia, Raisa Effress, Jiaxizi Ling, Haoxing Liu, Nell Lyons, and Zoe Skigen, 2020

zine cover: person in flowered dress and red jacket making power fist and holding a sign with the zine title


Dismantling Steryotypes by Isabella Grossman, Laura McDonough, Cehnshuo (Anny) Bi, Huda Paracha, Rui Bin, Darcy Vecchione, Zahava Butler, Naischa Puri, and Abigail Mittendorf, 2020

zine cover: photo of girls in 19th century classroom


Educate for Equality by Catarina Laufer Salazar, Dahlia Seidel, Elise Schemmel Shapiro, Gabrielle Harris, Krystina Wang, Nia Tomalin, Rebecca Hu, and Sofia Benzi, 2020

zine cover: gun with a red X through it, seat of people with only eyes


End Gun Violence: Make America Safe for EVERYONE by Alexis Riley, Hana Skigen, Audrey de Garmo, Subira Simon, Sophia Phillips, and Samantha Kelner, 2020

zine cover: illustrations of people holding different identities


Flaws in Our Education by Team 6, 2020

zine cover: phalanx of people holding different identities in front of a transgender flag over a cityscape


The Grim Pursuit of the Second Puberty by Caitlin C, Mei C, Maire D, Beatrice McW, Sarah W, Vivian A, Naolin c. G. Ella H, and Saho S, 2020

zine cover: title on the left, illustration of a quagga eating grass on the right


An Introduction to Stereotyping with an Emphasis on Quaggas by Paige, Lloxci, Jackie, Alex, Lily, Erika, Kellyn, Marcy, and Sophia, 2020

zine cover: title on top, illustration of a person with their face partially obscured by a mask


Mind + Body + Zine: Mental Health and Immigrants by Lauren Bain, Jen McKay, Grace Copps, Fiona Shelhu,Tabi Curry, and Manaka Nilda, 2020


zine cover: photo of politicians including Shirley Chisholm, Stacey Abrams, Barack Obama, and others


Represented by Bernice Hightower, Lauren Allen, Lily Crowell, Mabel Yuen, Nancy Valvano, Roni Kirson, Talia LeVine, Yale Coopersmith, and Zoe Pruthi, 2020

zine cover: title in black and hot pink, drawing of person wondering "which birth control is best for me?"


Reproductive Freedom Reproductive Justice Zine by Kayla Francais, Catherine Di, Anna Nesbitt, Nora Furlong, Mira Schwarz, Yu Hijiya, and Alcor Yu, 2020

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