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photo of zine: yellow cover, handwritten title, clip art syringe, "This zine is an anti-boredom vaccine. Might as well give it a shot."

COVID-19 Zines

BKNY: February 2021 by Beth Kwon, 2021

Fictive Kinships: A Perzine About 2016 by Cassandra L, 2021

Self Portrait: a Nonbinary Person's Reflection on Identity, no name or date provided

Shards of Glass in Your Eye #16 by Kari Tervo, 2021

Your Phone Is a Fed: Security Basics for the Rest of Us by An Uneducated White Anarchist, 2020

Gift of Sheila Dignazio

Be Bubbly in Public by Melissa Ann Cook, 2004

Not Sorry #1 & #2, #4 by Jenny Bruso, 2005

Penelope: A Transexual Fairy Tale by Adelaide Windsome, 2009

Small World Buttons by Alex Wrekk, 2008?

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