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Big Problems: Making Sense of 2020

2020 Survival Pack by Romane Lavandier BC '24, 2020

Dear Barnard Administration by 110 BIPOC students from the class of 2024, 2020

Lockdown Self-Care by [name withheld] BC '24, 2020

Mindfulness During This 2020 Pandemic by [names withheld] BC '24, 2020

Pandemic Film List by Annelie Hyatt BC '24, 2020

Covid-19 Zines

Celebrating Cross-Cultural Perspectives by Aliyah Campbell, 2020

Forever #1 edited by Madeline Cash and Gemma Godfrey, 2020

How to Talk to Kids About Covid-19: A Quaranzine by Shira Levitt, 2020

The Root of Twinkle Vol. VI, No. 1 edited by Michelle Gemma and Eva Peck, 2020

Want to Do List by Yuko Weiner, 2021

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Jamaican Americans.

Third-culture children.

Women, Black.