cover of Little Joys zine: title with each lowercase letter in a different color, yellow, green, and red blobs in the corners
zine cover: title and line drawing of an animal walking on a road leading away from a carrot.
zine cover: title in ransom note style letters on gray background
zine cover: repeated title, small photo of trees, train in the night

COVID-19 Zines

8 Tools Bigger than the Ballot by Activist Arts Collective, November 2020?

Aaammeriiicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa by Library of Study, November 2020?

Bottom of the Line #2 by bottomofthelinezine, 2020

A Hastily Assembled Guide to Climate Disaster by Nicole Elizabeth Ounjian Little, 2020

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A Hastily Assembled Guide to Other People's Deities by Nicole Elizabeth Ounjian Little, 2020

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Little Joys by Rita Nguyen BC '23, October 2020

Quaranzine 1. Ausgabe 23 April 2020 zum 1 Mai by Coview, May 2020

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We Keep Us Safe vol. 2: The Neighborhood Is Watching by Brooklyn Eviction Defense in collaboration with Art Against Displacement

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Why We Want Cop Free Libraries by Cop Free Library, November 2020

Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police by Mariam Kaba, 2020

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