photo of zine: If You Feel Sad, Feel the Sad, held by a mostly off-camera hand. Cover has a handwritten title and drawing of crying eyes/shoulder & torso
cover of zine: A Kids' Guide to Coping with the Pandemic. Handwritten title. "Coping" in green; "pandemic" in peach.
photo of zines: To All the Bois I('ve) Love(d) (Before). lowercase title, dark grey background, lighter gray hearts
photo of zine: What I Watched in Quarantine. Screenshot of computer screen with hand and flowers?

Covid-19 Zines

Blank Is Not Blank: A Zine of Famous Folx with the Same Name Who Should Not Be Confused for Each Other by Kel R. Karpinski & Christina Manzella, 2020

If You Feel Sad, Feel Sad by Elwing Sương Gonzalez, 2020

A Kids' Guide to Coping with the Pandemic by Malaka Gharib, 2020

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The Strange Times no. 1, 2, 3, 4 by Grace Dobush, 2020

What I Watched in Quarantine by Kel Karpinski, 2020

Oops. Turns Out It Was Published Before the Pandemic

Dyke to Fag: A Zine About Gender, Sexuality and Desire by Kel Karpinski, 2019

To All the Bois I('ve) Love(d) (Before) by Kel Karpinski, 2019

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