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Covid-19 Zines

All My Yesses Are Maybes #1 by AEH, 2020

Zine: Ally My Yesses Are Maybe [black text on white background], on a half moon drape

Black / Culture Future Skin Lives / Matter by Hauwa, 2020

Hauwa's three zines on a serape

Employing the Deep Web Towards Black Liberation by Shori S., 2020

zine cover: Employing the Deep Web Towards Black Liberation: A Manifesto [all text]

Is It Too Late? by Hauwa, 2020

Make History by SilentFox.Studio, 2020

zine: Make History, on a multicolored background

NYC Protest Safety: A Comprehensive Pocket Guide to Help Keep You Safe Before, During, & After a Protest, June 2020

online text edition

A Pocket Guide to Getting Your 💩 Together by @rhythmistheritual, 2020

zine cover: A Pocket Guide to Getting Your [poop emoji] together

What Happened to the Beautiful Future by Hauwa, 2020

Yes, Black Lives Really Do Matter by Ameenah Carroll, 2020

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Dark web.

Great grandmothers.

Panic disorders.