COVID-19 Zines

Baby, You're a Firework by Jing Yu, 2020

animated gif of Baby, You're a Firework flip book showing an air dancer dancing

Black Woman & a Few Things by Cherdericka Nichols, June 2020

zine cover: Black Woman & a Few Things. plain text on textured background

pdf via Sherwood Forest Zine Library

Electron Libre #1: Homecomings by Izalixe Straightheart, May 2020

photo of Electron Libre #1 in the wild. Orange cover, in greenery.

Friends by Cassie W, May 12, 2020

Indoorsy #2 edited by Anna Dottle, April 26, 2020

zine cover: Indoorsy #2. Spotlight on a chair and table.


Magpie for Paper by Dee C., May 2020

The New Yerby by Liz Yerby, Spring 2020

zine cover: The New Yerby, in the style of The New Yorker, but more primary colors and queerness

¬°Welcome to the Free Store!! / Bienvenid@s a la Tienda Gratis! by Mariel Acosta and Laurel Leckert, 2020

What a Time to Be Inside by Denise Arredondo, 2020

Working Class Sacrifice by Cassie W, 2020

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Country music.

Flip books.

Muppets (Fictitious characters).

Novelty balloons.