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Acquired from the Creator

Anything That Can Go Wrong by Mia Cruz, 2015

Art History 101: Chingonas by Marissa Del Toro and Maritza Torres, 2019

zine cover: Art History 101: Chingonas

Haddonfield by Julia Eff, 2018

photo of zine: Haddonfield

Locks by Joe Hatton, 2018

photo of zine: Locks

No Salvation No Forgiveness by Julia Eff, 2018

zine cover: No Salvation No Happiness

Peak Civilization by Sasha Kimiatek, 2018

photo of zine: Peak Civilization

Reading Log Twenty 18 by Aj Michel, 2019

Revenge Porn by Kayleigh Pears, 2018

photo of open zine: Revenge Porn

Spontaneous Waffles: A Board Game Ephemera Zine by Chella Quint, 2018

St. Sucia: A Zine Exposing What It Is to Be a Mujer in Contemporary Society #2: Dos Mundos by Natasha Hernandez and Isabel Ana Castro, 2015

zine cover: St. Sucia #2

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Board games.

Kavanaugh, Brett, 1965- --History and criticism.