zine cover: photo of Sri Lankan architect Minnette De Silva in an ornate frame
zine cover: green tropical leaves in the corners, dark blue background
zine cover: text on top and bottom right corners over a yellowed, faded map

Alexis Pauline Gumbs's Black Feminist Portal Class

Soul Soup: What You Didn't Know Your Spirit Needed author's names not listed, 2021

Anooradha Siddiqi's Feminist Architecture Class

Framing Minnette: Minnette de Silva and the Fine Arts in Sri Lanka author's name not included, 2021

Minnette de Silva and Marg's Production of Collective Identity Through the Preservation of a Decolonial Sri Lanka by Isabella Rafky, 2021

Minnette de Silva: Watapuluwa Housing Scheme by Rupert Fennessy, 2021

Brian Kahn and Andrew Kruczkiewicz's Applications in Climate and Society Class

The New New York: A Toolkit from 2030 by Courtney Jiggetts, Sanketa Sunil Kadam, and Sheri Kusatzky, 2021

Siobhan Burke's Dance Criticism Class

The Critic As: A Dance Criticism Zine by Rebecca Aronson, Dalia Bereket, Kendall Bottjer, Sarah Cecilia Bukowski, Charlotte Chandler, Maya Clark-Self, Sabrina Delafield, Mariah Hesser, Olivia Hussey, Isabelle Mollicone, Elise E. Schlecht, Brittany Shinay, Isabelle Stromberg, and Krystal Zhou, 2021

Acquired from the Creator

The Lover of Everyone in the World by Beatrix Urkowitz, 2019
The Lover of Everyone in the World (single comic, not the collection), The Annoying Person

Gift of Bitch Media

Nailed by Mayzie Hart,

She's So Unusual #1: Cyndi Lauper by Toots La Rue

The Warehouse on Poplar by Virginia Paine, 2010

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

43 Group (Organization : Sri Lanka)

Dance criticism

De Silva, Minnette



Sri Lankans

zine cover: brown hands holding a bowl of purple soup
zine cover: orange title and read subtitle on yellow background with white, illegible words embedded in the background
zine cover: photo of Manhattan Island in a skull outline, title in green and black
zine cover: black and white comic of hands and fingers on a face