Photo of zine cover: acrostic with the names of Black women heroes and martyrs
zine cover: photo of police in riot gear attacking Black sit-in protesters
zine cover: comics of Mariame Kaba speaking about abolition

Covid-19 Zines

Ex-Girlfriend Sweater by Olivia Aylmer BC '15, 2020

The Least I Could Do, March 2021 by Davida G. Breier, 2021

Acquired at the NYC Feminist Zinefest

Flygirl, vol. 1 #1-5 by Caroline Kittredge Faustine and Molly Z. Liu, 2017?
online version

Defend Black Girls by Kimberly Enjoli, 2018

New Couch: Poems About Codependency, An Attempt at Polyamory, and Full on Heartbreak by Andi Lake with illustrations and editing by Mollye Cohen

Taking the First Step: Ten Suggestions for People Called Out for Abusive Behavior by Wispy Cockles with illustrations by Flynn Nicholls
online version

White People Hate Protests by Mariame Kaba, 2018?
online versions

Who's Left: Prison Abolition by Mariame Kaba, 2017
online version

Acquired at the Milwaukee Zine Fest

F*ck Your Ugly Prius: First Hundred Days (75-100) by Sarah Bartash, 2017

Gift of Celia C. Perez

Ilse Content #11 by Alexis Wolf, 2012

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Civil rights movements.

Prison abolition movements.

Prison reform.

Souvenirs (Keepsakes).

zine cover: blue paint on newsprint with white hole in the middle
zine cover: light blue, drawing of birds on villagescape