The zines included so far:

Abortion-Positive Coloring Book for Hard Times by the Lilith Fund. Zines L5558a 2020.
The Lilith Fund provides food-related, superhero, and other illustrations to color in with pro-abortion messages.

A Guide to Medication Abortion for Barnumbia by Reproductive Justice Columbia. Zines C8747g 2022.
Emergency Contacts
Quick Facts
What to Have Around
Support Networks & People
Accessing Abortion
What to Expect
When to Seek Medical Attention
Yoga Poses
Next Steps
Reading List & Resources

¿Por qué el gobierno es así? : Una fanzine sobre la lucha por el acceso al aborto y la justicia reproductiva en la era de COVID19 by the Lilith Fund. Zines L5558w-esp 2020.
Escribiendo en junio de 2020, un autor de Lilith Fund aconseja sobre cómo navegar por la justicia reproductiva durante la cuarentena de COVID-19 y cómo los lectores pueden apoyar a los trabajadores locales esenciales y a los inmigrantes indocumentados. El zine, escrito en español, incluye dibujos en acuarela y otros gráficos a todo color.

What is this thing called M.E.? author's name not listed. Zines W53 2006z.
Menstrual Extraction became popular in the 1970s, but after the passage of Roe v. Wade, feminist activists focused their efforts on medical abortions and the practice became less common. This zine gives a history of M.E. and describes how it is safer than other DIY abortions and how using it instead of a medical abortion can help women reclaim their bodies as well as give women in poor areas and developing countries a more affordable and empowering option.
*Scanned and uploaded to the Internet Archive with assumed consent. The zine had previously been online. We attempted to reach the creator without success.

Who is fit for motherhood? : Why abortion is not the only reproductive right by Lauren Jade Martin. Zines M365w.
Lauren Jade Martin, author of perzines Boredom Sucks, You Might As Well Live, and Quantify puts out this "condensed and simplified" version of her senior project, which focuses on the intersections of race and class in reproductive rights. She considers reproductive rights other than those related to abortion, such as forced sterilization, forced birth control, and population planning, issues that often disproportionally effect poor women, women of color, and immigrant women. The zine explores the tension between second-wave feminism and these reproductive rights abuses, and describes how the interests of middle and upper-class white women are often different from and even oppositional to the interests of poor women or women of color. Lauren includes a lengthy bibliography, photographs, historical and current information, and her email address.
*Scanned and uploaded to the Internet Archive with Lauren's permission

Why Is the Government Like This : A Zine About Fighting for Abortion Access and Reproductive Justice in the Age of COVID19 by the Lilith Fund. Zines L5558w-eng 2020.
A Lilith Fund artist accuses Texas legislators with responding poorly to the coronavirus pandemic, using bans on elective surgery to prevent access to surgical abortion in the state. The zine is illustrated with watercolor paintings.