photo of a zine cover on a peach background. The zine has a tattoo slide title and a drawing of an animal with another animal in its open mouth
photograph of zine cover on a brown background. The cover features a CRT TV screen with closed captioning reading, "WELCOME TO DEAFULA #7 / EXCITING INTRO MUSIC"
pink zine cover with the title text in lower case letters over clip art of a person in a suit holding up two thumbs

Collide : on physical & mental illness
Author JC
Published Maryland : The editor, 2013-
Barnard Special Collections (Non-Circulating) Zines P3754c
Barnard Zine Library Zines P3754c

This compilation zine put together by JC presents personal essays from people living with physical disabilities and some form of mental illness including debilitating migraines, PTSD, suicidal ideation, brain injury, chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, seizures, deafness and anxiety. Many of the contributors, including one who is genderqueer, have a family history of alcoholism and/or have their own issues with addiction. Contributors include Maranda Elizabeth, Kerri Radley and Sara Bear. There are also photographs, illustrations and recommended resources.

Cyanide No. 1
Author Hou, Lynn Y.
Published Santa Monica, CA : the author, 1998.
Barnard Special Collections (Non-Circulating) Zines H68c no.1 1998

Lynn Hou, a queer disabled Asian American high school senior, writes about the stereotypes and gender roles she encounters in society and at school. She also writes about her family's expectations for her clothing and future, riot grrrl, Sleater-Kinney and feminist bookstores. The zine is illustrated with magazine collages, photographs, handwriting and ads and provides music and zine reviews.

Cyanide No. 2 : Resist psychic death
Author Hou, Lynn Y.
Published Santa Monica, CA : Two Stars One Universe Productions, 1999.Location
Barnard Special Collections (Non-Circulating) Zines H68c, no. 2
Barnard Zine Library Zines H68c, no. 2

Danger Unheard : Deafness and the Police
Author Radley, Kerri
Published [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] : the author, 2014.
Barnard Special Collections (Non-Circulating) Zines C58du 2014
Barnard Zine Library Zines C58du 2014

Kerri of Deafula zine, in collaboration with the NYC Research & Destroy anarchist collective, writes about police encounters in the deaf community. The authors advise what deaf people should do when approached by the police, and how despite every precaution a person can take police brutality still occurs. The zine contains reprints of articles about deaf people killed by police.

Author Radley, Kerri
Published Philadelphia, Pa. : the author, [2011-
Barnard Special Collections (Non-Circulating) Zines C58d
Barnard Zine Library Zines C58d