Hi everyone! I'm Rita (she/her), a zine assistant and sophomore at Barnard. It's no secret that the pandemic has been tough on everyone, physically and mentally. I miss my friends, Barnard, New York City, and just living life normally without having to be anxious all the time about this virus. I think it's more important than ever to find joy in the small things and take care of ourselves. Even though I'm in Los Angeles, I've gotten the pleasure of reading a bunch of new zines the library has acquired digitally. My current favorite is Staying Home by Katherine Liu!

Staying Home by Katherine Liu
An excerpt from Staying Home by Katherine Liu

Staying Home by Katherine Liu is a zine about the difficulties that have arisen due to the pandemic and the things we can do to find some sanity and comfort during it all. The zine itself has adorable graphics that make it so visually appealing and comforting just to look at! It brought me so much happiness to read through for the first time and I've read it a couple times since then. 

In addition to the cute graphics, the zine also has useful COVID-19 information. Some of the contents include: lists of things you can do to help, online resources, ways to take care of yourself and others, breathing exercises, and even interactive coloring and reflection pages! I've found a lot of comfort in doing things that brought me happiness as a kid and this zine definitely emphasizes the importance of hobbies. I found Staying Home super helpful in more ways than one and I hope you all also find some joy while reading it! 

You can read this zine online or download it for free here!