Zines by 2023 Students

cover scan of the zine: ransom style letters on pink background, lipstick kisses
Ananya Jain PCP '23
zine cover: lower case title, gift bow with a strawberry in the middle
Olivia Randall PCP '23
zine cover: all caps title, cis woman figure with an hourglass in her dress
Ally Meyer PCP '23

This month we're highlighting zine holdings created by students in Barnard’s pre-college program – if you want to be Boolean about it < zines AND pre-college > (and limiting the search to zines held at Barnard). As of July 20, 2023, that search yielded 103 results.

Some of top subject headings used to describe the zines are

They come in many zine genres, including

The featured zine covers is Requiem for a Teen : A Journey of Self-Realization, Reclamation of Womanhood and Its Role in Radical Societal Progression by McKenzie Days.

cover of zine "requiem for a teen"