Acquired from the Creator

Commotion by Carmen Cheung GS '20 and Tracy Chen CC '21, 2019 for Columbia Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

zine cover: color print of woman walking, bunny tote bag, brick, tree
zine cover: DIY, people with tools, papers in air, paper stack

Acquired by Ellen Gruber Garvey

Caminar en la Ciudad: Una Compilacíon de 17 Ilustradoras, edited by Iurhi Peña, 2018

Estomago: Cuaderno Dos by Misa Shine, 2013

Haz un Fanzine, Empieza un Revolucíon by Andrea Galaxina, 2017

Surtido Rico by A. Carolina Ibañez, 2018

El Tribunal by Casa De Balneario, 2017

zine cover: color card, toothpaste tube squeezing out
zine cover: gift bow, big letters text, bobby pin bound

Gift of of Dana Reinoos

Savoy Truffle story by Laura Jane Faulds drawings by Jen May, 2012

New to Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Computer animation
Groundhog Day (Motion picture)
Nudity in literature
Rowling, J.K.
Short stories, Uruguayan