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photo of Alisia in a leather jacket, white shirt, black mini-skirt, and white platforms. She is wearing braids and big silver hoops and has a big smile on her face.

Hello! My name is Alisia Garcia-Yanishevsky, and I’m a new zine assistant here :)

I’m a first-year from Boston, MA, and I’m hoping to double major in Urban Studies with a specialization in Urban Education and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. On campus, you can find me singing with Bacchantae, eating pasta in Ferris, and running to gymnastics practices in Harlem. I have strong introvert vibes, but I’m always happy to talk about zines (or literally anything tbh).\


More about me:

  • she/her/hers

  • Libra sun & Leo moon

  •  Gryffindor

  • INFP

  •  I love funny bird videos, specifically cockatoos. I also love all dogs. (Ask me about my Jack Russell, Ruckus — he’s quite a handful)

  •  I love doing makeup! It’s really an art form for me. I love experimenting with different color combinations and designs and perfecting my technique.


After graduating, I hope to teach writing in a public high school in Boston or New York City, while hopefully publishing some of my own writing on the side and doing creative writing/art exhibitions with my partner.