Opportunities for Book Artists at Women's Studio Workshop!

WSW Resident artists will receive 24-hour studio access, technical and production assistance, on-campus housing, travel per diem, a materials stipend, and a weekly personal stipend during their stay. All Artists-In-Residence are selected through a rigorous juring process.


Postmark Deadline November 15:

Artist Book Residency

Produce a limited edition book work at WSW, edition size no larger than 100 and no smaller than 50. Working intensively in our studios for six to eight weeks, artists print and bind their own books. WSW technical assistance includes training on new equipments, introduction to new materials, and assistance with production. 

Art-in-Education Residency

Each year WSW awards two eight-week Art-in-Education residency grants for emerging artists working in book arts. Grantees will teach young people through our studio-based Art-in-Education program called "Hands-on-Art" and have the opportunity to spend time creating new work at WSW. 


Postmark Deadline November 15:

Art-in-Education Residency

Create a limited edition artists' book during your residency. The award includes a $400 per week stipend for up to ten weeks, and a $750 materials budget, housing, travel costs (within the Continental US), and unlimited studio access. WSW staff will provide technical advice, and assistance with editioning.

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