What I Saw from Where I Stood

This very personal and powerful zine tells two stories. The first one takes place right after Hurrican Katrina. The author, Eva, goes down to volunteer in New Orleans with a group of punks. They get there in an old car that has been modifed to run on vegetable oil (so punk!). However, while they're on the road, a member of their group unexpectedly dies. 

The second part of the zine is years after the death of her friend. Eva has a baby, and writes about eating the placenta and making her own pregnancy clothes. The zine is written post birth, and Eva recounts a few events surrounding the birth, like when she tries to dry the umbillical cord into a keepsake, but the dog unexpectedly eats it.

You can check this zine out of the library if you're interested. It's also a branch on our "Doris" channel of Zine-Dora (Like Pandora... but for zines!). We'll provide you with a link to our Zine-Dora page soon. Hope to see you on Wednesday!