Summer 2016
Growing up Jewish in war-torn Poland, Edith Tennenbaum Shapiro survived roundups and bombing campaigns by hiding in cellars, bunkers, and a factory attic. During Nazi and Communist...
Summer 2016
Shine Watkins is a registered nurse who works with patients receiving liver and kidney transplants or coping with serious diseases. She puts in 12-hour days—and sometimes nights—at...
Summer 2016
Over a long career in communications, Elaine Schlozman Chapnick ’61 has devoted herself to children’s issues, public health, and other societal issues. She worked on educational programming...
Spring 2016
Herminia Palacio grew up in the Bronx, the daughter of a subway clerk and a bus driver, and dreamed of becoming a doctor. After realizing that goal...

Submit to the Orgasm Zine

Got a story to share? Interested in women's sexual health? Submit something to issue 2 of The Orgasm Zine!

Dude. You. Suck.

Deadline December 1, 2012

Jude Vachon is compiling a zine called "Dude. You. Suck." It's a zine "where women can share romantic/sexual experiences with men where they felt treated poorly" in a way that is related to gender and sexism issues. She wants to set up a dialogue between women about experiences with men in an era where men's and women's responsibilities are still not shared equally and focus on the communication gap between men and women.

Good Sex/Bad Sex #2 - Call for Submissions!

Issue 2 will be avaliable at the Chicago Zine Fest in March, so you'd better get stated on your submissions! Click here to see the Zine Apothecary website. Deadline is February 1st.

Awesome Events at Bluestockings!

There are some awesome feminist events coming up this weekend at Bluestockings! They've got authors, artisits, and a workshop on orgasms! Click more for dates and times.

Not Your Mother's Meatloaf - Call for Submissions

We are in the process of compiling the 5th (FIFTH!) Issue of Not Your Mother's Meatloaf, Sex Education Comic Book Project. This Issue's theme is AGE.


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