Call for Submissions from Stephanie Basille!

Dear Friends,

Some of you remember that I used to write a zine called Suburban Blight, in which readers were subjected to political ramblings from yours truly. Well, here we are, 4 years since my last issue, and I’ve decided to return from my hiatus!

I know what you’re thinking – finally, reason to live again! Yes, my loyal fans, the time has come. You’ve weathered bloody wars, worldwide economic collapse, and three seasons of Jersey Shore. Surely, you deserve something nice.

That said, I would love to include contributions from YOU, my smart and sassy friends. Click "more" to see submission guidelines, which are quite lax. You’ll notice there is no deadline. I’m just getting started on this and really have no idea when it will be ready. If you’re interested in submitting get in touch with me and we’ll go from there.



Call for Submissions: Suburban Blight #10


Suburban Blight is a zine about politics.



Three types of work are generally included in Suburban Blight-

-       Political articles

-       Reviews of books, music, zines, films, etc

-       Drawings and comics

Other works, such as poems, photos, recipes, etc, are also welcome for submission!



To view a list of topics covered in past issues click here.

You can also read past issues of Suburban Blight in the Barnard Zine Library.