Zine Girls Have Always Hated Rush Limbaugh

They include, but are not limited to:

  • Angry Young Woman zine edited by Catholic raised Gloria, essay contributed by Sharon 1996
    Special Collections G4673a
  • Silver Rocket by Nicole, who had one Jewish and one Christian parent, 1995
    Special Collections S645s #1
  • Starache by Missourian Amy Funaro, 1995
    Special Collections F86s #s 4 & 7
  • What's Life by 9th-grade band geek Krista Precosky, 1995
    Special Collections Zines P74w
  • YAWP! by 17-year-old college student Johanna, 1995
    Special Collections J65y #s 9 & 10

Rush Limpballs Gets Castrated page from Angry Young Woman #5 used without permission since we could not locate the editor or writer. We will respond immediately to a request to remove the image.