Zine Girls Have Always Hated Rush Limbaugh

We have at least five zines in our collection that go out of their way to excoriate Rush Limbaugh.

They include, but are not limited to:

  • Angry Young Woman zine edited by Catholic raised Gloria, essay contributed by Sharon 1996
    Special Collections G4673a
  • Silver Rocket by Nicole, who had one Jewish and one Christian parent, 1995
    Special Collections S645s #1
  • Starache by Missourian Amy Funaro, 1995
    Special Collections F86s #s 4 & 7
  • What's Life by 9th-grade band geek Krista Precosky, 1995
    Special Collections Zines P74w
  • YAWP! by 17-year-old college student Johanna, 1995
    Special Collections J65y #s 9 & 10

Rush Limpballs Gets Castrated page from Angry Young Woman #5 used without permission since we could not locate the editor or writer. We will respond immediately to a request to remove the image.