Pop-Up Museum of Queer History

Location Starr st house
207 Starr St.
Brooklyn, NY

More Info
The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History is an extravaganza of queer self-determination, a showcase of art "exhibits" on queer historical topics. We seek to realize our own representations of queer history, because in light of the recent censorship of David Wojnarovicz's work at the National Portrait Gallery, we cannot wait around for mainstream and heterosexual institutions to get it right. We look to each other for learning and self-education! We are compiling a resources list that all visitors can take home.

Doors open at 5pm
Free admission (This applies to all Quorum Forum events!)
Speakers and performances from 9-10pm

curated by Hugh Ryan and Buzz Slutzky


Stephen Kent Jusick
Ariel Federow
Heather M. Acs
Al Benkin
Jesse Geguzis
Quito Ziegler
Daniel Lang/Levitsky 
Davina Cohen
Hugh Ryan
Timothy McKeon
Buzz Slutzky
Elvis Bakaitis
Hadassah D'Luxe
Lauren Gulbrandsen
Bizzy Barefoot
John Parker
Tubby Lambergini
Sherley Camille Olopherne
David John Sokolowski
Nick Rice
Inbred Hybrid Collective
Will Rockwell and Christina Cicchelli, from $pread Magazine
Tim & Jason
Maria Helfrich & Katie Blouse
Kate Huh
J. Todd Fernandez
Tobaron Waxman
Charlie Demos & I.R. Marin
Najva Sol
Patrick Robbins & Misko Lencik-Inagaki
Amanda Kirkhuff

This art show will be the opening ceremony of QUORUM FORUM, which is a week and a half of FREE workshops, skillshares, screenings, performances and parties. To be held in queer homes around the city, January 14-23.