Press Release


February, 2008




Over 2,000 Underground Self-Publications Now Available for Research and Lending


New York, NY Barnard Library's 2,000+ zines -- short for magazines or fanzines -- compose one of the largest existing collections of these personal/political self-publications in academia. In 2004, the entire Zine Library became one of the first in the nation to be cataloged in the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), the premier cooperative library catalog. The collection and preservation of these materials is providing researchers with a unique opportunity to utilize zines for study as important cultural artifacts. Some fast facts: 


  • The Zine Library enhances one of Barnard's strongest collection areas, Women's Studies. With a particular focus on Third Wave Feminism, Barnard's zine collection includes the highest quality of personal and political writings and art from urban women, especially New Yorkers and women of color. 

  • Fully searchable on Columbia University's online library catalog  CLIO, the Zine Library includes works on activism, anarchism, body image, third wave feminism, gender, parenting, queer community, riot grrrl, and sexual assault, among other topics. 

  • Barnard and Columbia students, faculty and other affiliates are now able to borrow zines for four weeks, renewable ten times, as is the case with all circulating materials from the Barnard College Library. 

  • For those not affiliated with Barnard/Columbia, the zine collection is available for on-site use by appointment, which is easy to do!  Just call 212-854-4615 or email to schedule a time to visit.

"Zines offer an atypical, non-traditional take on popular culture and give voice to the social and political perspectives of contemporary, non-mainstream society," said Carol Falcione, Dean of Information Services at Barnard. "The research potential of this material can never be explored or fulfilled if it is not collected, preserved and made accessible in some organized fashion."


"Learning about zines has opened a new door in exploring media and art for me. Ever since I discovered the zine collection at Barnard, I have been thrilled to have it as a part of my library. Zines are an incredible resource for me as an activist, as a writer, and as a woman." said Jennie Rose Halperin, a Barnard sophomore.


To find out more about the zines at Barnard, visit our FAQ page or contact the Zine Librarian at 212.854.4615, e-mail