Mother/Daughter zines

With Bernie, the title pretty much says it all. The comics are skillfully drawn and funny, but not over-the-top. They do highlight stereotypes, but are loving and respectful--at least in the context of lesbian daughters outing their moms' wacky ways. Our copy is #35 of 100 and was donated by someone whose permission I have not yet secured to out as a donor, so thanks M. 

Laid, by a former Columbia University student, was donated with an accompanying note explaining how the author had cherished the zine collection while she was in school. "I just admired how fiercely creative and poignant and punk and sloppy and rad so many of those zines were. Those girls didn't give a fuck. I feel like reading them turned me into a better, spunkier woman."

Ruby's zine is part minicomics and part art zine and is mostly about her mother, to whom she refers by her full name, Pat Brown. Ruby reveals Pat Brown as the guinea pig maimer that she is, but still manages to convey love for the woman, even while depicting her as a bit of a whack-job. The zine is full color and so costs $4. It's worth it. (I'd give you Cheryl's info if I had it, but the website listed in Bernie is defunct.)