Upcoming zine events at Bluestockings

Tuesday, August 16th @ 7PM - $5 suggested
Presentation: Jessica Max Stein "The Rainbow Connection: A 60th Birthday Celebration of Gay Muppeteer Richard Hunt"
August 16th would be Richard Hunt's 60th birthday! Come join his biographer, veteran zinester and CUNY English teacher Jessica Max Stein, for a sneak peek at "The Rainbow Connection: The Life and Times of Richard Hunt," including plenty of Muppet clips and rare behind-the-scenes footage. Hunt performed beloved Sesame Street and Muppet Show characters such as Beaker, Scooter and Janice, while living joyfully in Manhattan’s liberating post-Stonewall era. He was only 40 years old when he died of AIDS-related complications. Let's celebrate his birthday by appreciating his life and work!

Thursday, August 25th @ 7pm -
Reading: Chella Quint "Zine Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon"
From her 4th grade construction-paper and paper-fastener-bound school report on Benjamin Franklin to the latest issue of "Adventures in Menstruating," join Chella Quint and friends for some comedy readings that attempt to explore the why's and the how's of having grown up writing zines.  Quint is a comedy writer and performer living in Sheffield, England, but is originally from New York.  Her newest zines are "Adventures in Menstruating #6" (deconstructing feminine hygiene advertising with wit, irony and brute force) and  "The Venns" (introducing the world to the great British pub quiz in a spoof research paper using charts, graphs, diagrams and theories). 

Sunday, August 28th @ 7pm -
Reading: For the Birds Collective "The Written Bird"
with Ocean Capewell, Stacey Pershall & Mira Ptacin
For The Birds Collective presents an examination of DIY feminist cultural activism through writing. Join Ocean Capewell ("It's Not the End of the World!: Building a Life with Limp Wrists"), Stacey Pershall ("Loud in the House of Myself"), Mira Ptacin and other self-identified women for a reading and discussion on writing through a variety of genres, including creative non-fiction, essay writing, memoirs, novels, and zines -- but with feminism running through them all!

Thursday, September 1st @ 7pm -
Reading: "I Read it in a Fanzine"
with Kate Angell, Elvis Bakaitis, Ocean Capewell, Rachel, Sari & Kate Wadkins
Titled after a Bikini Kill lyric, I Read it in a Fanzine features the work of six awesome feminist zine editors - Kate Angell ("My Feminist Friends"), Elvis Bakaitis ("Twinks for Sale!"), Ocean Capewell ("High on Burning Photographs" & "It's Not the End of the World!: Building a Life with Limp Wrists"), Rachel and Sari ("Hoax"), and Kate Wadkins ("International Girl Gang Underground"). Come hear some rad feminist work and pick up some zines to add to your collection!