Zines acquired at the Pete's Candy Store Zine Fest May 2011

The zine fest at Pete's Candy Store on May 28 was a lovely affair, with most of the tables in the garden out back. 

I managed to trade for or buy an assortment of zines and minicomics on topics ranging from naughty feline behaviors to feminist inspirations. (Does that sound a little judgy? It's not meant to be! I ♥ naughty felines and righteous feminists in equal measure, and perhaps for much of the same reasons.)

The goods: 

47 Babies on Facebook by Robyn Jordan, Zines J6733b 2011

Babalon Babes #4 by Michele Witchipoo, Zines W58b no.4 2009

Counter Attack #2 by Alisa Harris, Zines H37c no. 2

Garden Club by Katie Haegele, Zines H344g 2011

Glossolalia #13 by Sarah Contrary Zines C66g no. 13
"New York: possibly the only place, in the end, that is large enough to hold some of us, who are too much of one thing and not enough of another, too much crazy or queer or fat or brown or peacock-feather flamboyant or faggy, too much of that and not enough of toe the line, low profile, play it cool, another day older and deeper in debt, not enough of the kind of patience needed to endure an ordinary life. Lining up like supplicants, like pilgrims, like lepers expecting miracles, like fools." 

I'm Sick by Katie Haegele, Zines H344im 2011 
Cataloging this zine lead me to an unsuccessful attempt to find a subject heading to express "feeling grouchy." 

Libraries I Have Known by Ayun Halliday, Zines H25k 2011
Cataloging this zine allowed me to apply a darling subject heading to describe it: Libraries--Appreciation.

My Feminist Friends by Kate Angell,  Zines A54455m 2011 
An interview with Stephanie Basile (Suburban Blight, Zines B375s) yields this yummy quotation, "I think zines function to disassemble essentialist notions of male and female in that zines give people a voice. you don't have to have access to any kind of privilege to make a zine, nor do you have to be an academic or intellectual. Anyone can make a zine on her/his own terms, and that really appeals to me as a vehicle for allowing people to express themselves. By allowing those people who might not normally be a part of the power structure to be heard, it allows us to deconstruct old ideas and notions about gender and any other topic." 

Psycho Bunny #3.25 by Michele Witchipoo, Zines W58p no.3.25 2011
Subject headings applied:
Bars (Drinking establishments)--Comic books, strips, etc.
Rabbits--Comic books, strips, etc. 

Rock on! a Pocket Guide to Some Rockin' Venues of NYC's Past... by Alisa Harris, Zines H37r 2011

Urban Nomad #1 by Alisa Harris, Zines H37u no. 1