Tamper Evident quotation

"had i missed the era of zines? is riot girl over before i ever came along? now you can go into barnes and noble and buy 4 different books of zine compilations. zines incorporated. 

"but i remember carrying zines around in my backpack at school. just a glance inside reassured me, gave me the strength to keep going, to resist, to keep resisting, when all i wanted to do was scrabble a hole for myself in the dirt and lie there.

"there is no end to zines, to riot girl, to any kind of underground culture. things change, yes 'the evolution of the revolution.' but are just as important today. just because i wasn't involved in the beginning doesn't mean i can't jump in now.

"there are things i have to say, things that have to be said, and i don't hear anyone else ssaying them now. as i see it, zines arose to fill that hole - the lack of real voices outside 'mainstream culture' - and amazing work to make themselves heard - there is still so much more to be said.

"so tamper evident is here
and i am here
and i am not just that weird girl
and i am not going to shut up."

Aleza, Tamper Evident, #1 1998? Zines A4494t no. 1