Passionate Persuasions: Zinesters/Minicomics Artists Wanted

Two talented Zinester/Minicomic/Sketch artist (One for each event) that are excited about contributing to this project who can organize material in a way that is coherent, accessible and entertaining.  I am pretty open as far as style is concerned, but the ability to tell a story with pictures is paramount.

The Nuts & Bolts:
The events will be either Audio or Video recorded for you.  So during the event, you can just witness or take notes if you like.  We can talk about turnaround time, but I'm thinking 3 months should be enough time?  When you're ready, you can show it to me and maybe do a bit of back and forth editing.  When we come to a version we're both happy with, we can talk about compensation.  I can either pay you a flat rate, or maybe a percentage from zines sold?  I also am a member of several barter communities.  I'm very open to many different styles of business.

The Juicy Stuff:

Intimacy and Art?  Wednesday, March 16th at 7pm.  A Panel Discussion on the intersectionalities between Performance Art and Acts of intimacy.

The panel will consist of the two featured artists from the festival and few outside artists who explore intimacy in their work.  The Zine/Minicomic I'm hoping to come from this event would be entertaining, first of all. Secondly, it would act as an orientation guide at future festivals.

Un-Idealizing Sex, A Workshop.  Saturday, March 19th at 12 noon.  An afternoon workshop on Sex and Sensual Touch presented by Lydia Love and Simone Wolff.

This workshop will have two parts to it. The first part will allow the participants to engage with the material in a non-threatening environment.  There will a lunch break after which, the participants who would like to, can come back for a freer, clothing-optional exploration of the workshop concepts.  The entire event will be very heads-up and consent based.  The nature of this event is obviously very personal, and an artist would need feel comfortable in that kind of space.  Familiarity with energy work would be a plus.  The Zine/Minicomic I hope to come from this event would firstly be respectful.  From there, I would like it to be approachable and fun.

If either of these sounds like fun, I would love to talk to you!  Please write me back with your response to my idea and your availability for an interview.  I'd love to see your previous Zine/Comic/Art work and talk about your interest in the project.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Lydia Love