Zine Abstracting Report: February 16, 2011

Cherry #5/Jellybean #15 (split zine) by Kate K. & Katy Weselcouch: Zines W474j no. 15

Flaming Eggs #6 by Hilary Davis: Zines D3857f no. 6

"No dead bird for me, Gram - I'm a vegetarian! I eat my veggies, not my friends!"

Hip Hop Punk Rock Power! (issued with Plunger): Zines P486h

Calling for submissions... from the '90s.

Homo Health and Fitness: Zines M365f

"(Your Guide to a New, Queer You!)"

I Had a Great Ride! by Veronica Liu: Zines L58i

Veronica Liu, Barnard graduate, gives us luscious descriptions of her trip from Brooklyn to Manhattan on a bike, which really make this zine an ode to NYC.

I Play Life, and Grow by Meghan Lake: Zines L354i

"I play the herione of reality. Imperfect, clumsy, nolonger green to the fight. I play the herione of reality."

I Think So by Esther Singer: Zines E77t no.3

Wow. There's a recipe for a cake that's made out of chocolate and Guinness in here, guys.

I Was Not Mommie's Lil' Angel... Not Even Close by Taryn Hipp: Zines H56i

This collection of stories about mother and daughter relationships is sometimes hard to read because it's such a tear-jerker. Come prepared.

Iceblink by Renee: Zines I34

Ilse Content #5 by Alexis Wolf: Zines W654i no.5

Beautiful art zine. Check out the distro of these zines here: Ms. Valerie Park Distro.

Imaginary Windows #5 by Erin Fae: Zines F44i no.5

The love story of two zinesters: Moira and Erin. Check out their joint website here: Faery Grrrl.

(In Parens) or How to Be a Writer and Have Really Bad Sex by Megan Honig: Zines H66546i

Tough subjects here, such as abusive relationships and abusive sex, but very interesting personal writing.

In the Backseat by Muffie White: Zines W55846i

In the Humor for a Tumor by Rebecca Katherine Hirsch: Zines H57i

The author gives us a rare description of the most common of New York events: falling asleep on the subway and missing your stop.

In Transition by Lauren Michele Fardig: Zines F373i

Incommunicado #6 by Maya Raye: Zines R394i no.6

"What do you do when you have been clenching your jaw for two days and it hurts?"

Indie Rock 2 Tha Max by Becky Cloonan: Zines C46i

Check out more of Becky Cloonan's amazing comics, graphic novels, and professional work at:          Ink & Thunder

Infandum! Adventures in Intoxication by Molly Lawless: Zines L395i

Another wonderful comics artist, Molly Lawless' work can be seen at: Mollywood

Insipid #4, #5 by Allison Reach: Zines R433i no. 4, no.5

Inkling by Melissa Klein: Zines K58i no.4

Inner Monologue #6 by SaraEllen: Zines S27345i no. 6

Interesting tri-fold design - like many nested pamphlets.

Inside the Test #2 by Jaime de Anda: Zines J35i no. 2

"It's like a giant weird love letter."

Inspiration Finally Came... by Angee: Zines A543i

Inspiration Point by Amy Antonissen: Zines A58i

A booklet of inspiration for when your creativity has taken a toll. Press on, zinesters, press on!

Insterbate & Destroy: Zines I57

"We wrote smut that relates to our lives & turns us on. Only by virtue of who we are is this a radical/anarchist smut anthology of sorts."

Invasion of the Killer Slut Monkey #2, #3 by Jaime de Anda: Zines J356i no. 2, no. 3

It's Not the End of the World!: Building a Life with Limp Wrists by Ocean Capewell: Zines C374i

"Carpal tunnel's been looming on the horizon for a long time, but it seems now like that ship's finally docking... a lifetime of doing... things with vigor & zeal has left my wrists little more than a smoking heap taking up residency next to my elbows (ok, I am exaggerating)."

Karin and Elizabeth in Clubland by Gillian Beck: Zines B43k

Read this and all your assumptions about Barbie's heteronormativity will be shattered.

Ker-bloom! #27, #35, #36, #57, #58, #72 by artnoose: Zines A786k no. 27, Zines A786k no. 35, Zines A786k no. 36, Zines A786k no. 57, Zines A786k no. 58, Zines A786k no. 72

Go here to purchase/check out more: Artnoose on Etsy. As a side note, letterpress makes me squee.