Menstruation for Men

"3 guy friends of mine (all in their 30s) were totally clueless about the whole menstruation thing. Here's what they thought A.) That it arrived on some definite schedule and that you could feel the urge to bleed just like you feel the urge to pee. Sorry guys, but the blood  just leaks out without warning, and whenever it wants to leak it does. Sure there's an approximate 25-30 day cycle, but it's never exactly the same. B.) They thought it came automatically in teh morning! HA! Again, it shows up any time o' day or night. C.) They were also confused about how tampons worked. Okay, you shove it in, it absorbs the blood, you pull it out when you feel like it's time to change it."

from Aunt Franne #3, quoted without permission because I couldn't easily track down Anne from Stratford, NJ who listed no email address in her 1996 zine. I fixed a few typos and added punctuation occasionally. See the catalog record for more about the zine.